I guess this is our e-troduction. Hello.

Here you will find maximum tunage in a variety of sorts. After writing and performing songs with good friends for the better half of my life, it has become apparent that my passion is living in the studio. Working at my own pace, on my own dime, and on my own terms is what I know works (and what I know works… well who the hell knows exactly just what that means). I’ve come to understand in music that there are no right answers. All I have are my beliefs and those solely rest in good music, not vanity and gimmick.

The tunes you’ll find here are songs I’ve recorded for pure pleasure. As they may have not had an intended purpose when I first set out to begin recording again, I’ve got a hunch that they are a soundtrack to something. I guess I’m here now to find out what they will be a soundtrack to.



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